Get started:

  • You should have received a couple of emails: one to create your username & password, and another to confirm your subscription to the members-only Aweber list. Be sure to confirm your subscription, as I’ll be sending important updates to you via this list.

Keep in mind:

  • You can consume (and implement!) all the materials in a single afternoon. I do recommend that you do it ASAP you can take advantage of your 30 days of email support if you need ’em! (Email me your Qs to natalia.real@gmail.com or use Twitter @natsuperhero.) So put aside a couple of hours and go through at least what you think you’ll use.
  • Got questions? You can also check out our Q&A tutorials section and you may find what you’re looking for!
  • Website maintenance can be borrring — I know! But you’re here for a reason, and know that to master WordPress maintenance, all it takes is going through this course. I’m gonna make it as painless as possible for ya. You’re halfway there, superhero-in-training!