Q&A Video Tutorials

March 2016: cPanel backups, dealing with malware alerts, fast web hosting, and launching lessons
This video tutorial covers the following topics:

  1. Backup Buddy backups vs cPanel backups: what’s the difference?
  2. What in the world do you do if you get an alert telling you have malware… and a security scan says you’re ok?(!?!?!?!)
  3. Recommended hosting to speed up your website >> Siteground (most economical) + Liquid Web + Flywheel (managed, WP only) are all excellent (plus an extra free resource to knock your socks off >> Cloudflare)
  4. What’s the background on the creating/running of the DIY Website Maintenance Course? What went well, what went not so well? >> check out my blog post 7 Tips for Launching a Product for the First Time

Feb 2016: Yoast SEO alternative, how to deal with plugin conflicts, and intro to Backup Buddy's new Stash Live feature
This video tutorial covers the following topics:

  1. What to use when you can’t use the Yoast SEO plugin
  2. What do you do when your plugins conflict?
  3. New Backup Buddy feature: Stash Live! Get your Stash Live instructions here

Jan 2016: iThemes Security notifications, do you REALLY need to do your updates? and 'Sup with child themes?
This video tutorial covers the following topics:

  1. [iThemes Security Pro plugin] “I’m always getting emails from iThemes Security a few times a day, telling me about files that have changed on my site (sometimes 1, sometimes over 600). Then it lists every one of those files and some other info. Are these emails important? Should I be going over them with a fine-tooth comb? Should I be getting them as they happen or as a digest?”
  2. [Updates] “Someone teaching a web design class said that you shouldn’t update any plugins, your theme, or WordPress unless it’s a security issue because it can break everything. But, it’s my understanding that we should be updating when an update is available. Which one is correct?”
  3. [Child themes]“If I have no child theme, will I lose all customizations? Even those that are just customized in the appearance panel and not the code itself? Is there a way to build a child theme from a “regular’ theme so I can mess with the CSS? I found the “one-click child theme” plugin. Should I be using something like that?”


The resources I mentioned are:

  1. Child themes: what are they and why do you need them?
  2. How-to resource: to create your first child theme (caveat: coding required)


Dec 2015: Backup Buddy settings, file manager confusion, and 301 redirects
This video tutorial covers the following topics:

  1. [Backup Buddy directories] “Why is there a folder with the name of my website in the exclusion list?”
  2. [Backup Buddy destination backup folders] “Why are there duplicate file names of my backups?”
  3. [File Manager] When you can’t log into your chosen directory, this may be why!
  4. [301 redirects] Best way to redirect a page URL to a new one on your website? We’ll look at options with the Yoast SEO plugin and using your .htaccess file. WARNING: Always download a copy of this file before tweaking it! So if it breaks your site, you can put the original file back/edit it back to what it was 😉 Here’s Liquid Web’s documentation on editing your .htaccess file for 301 redirects.


Nov 2015: Do you need a dedicated IP? Plus, SMTP plugins and fixing broken images with updated URLs
This video tutorial covers the following topics:

  1. Do you need a dedicated IP?” And what the hell is that, anyway?
  2. What do you do if you’re not getting your Backup Buddy/Wordfence/contact form/etc. email notifications from WordPress?”
  3. How to fix broken images by updating your URLs with the Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin


October 2015: Dealing with hacking attempts, Backup Buddy troubleshooting tips
This video tutorial covers the following topics:

  1. What do you do if you get multiple notifications about someone trying to hack your website?
  2. Which Backup Buddy License should I buy? Is it best to buy the lifetime $297 license instead of renewing the yearly license over and over?”
  3. How to figure out if your hosting plan will work with Backup Buddy
  4. Backup Buddy server tools: where to find a breakdown of items in your backup organized by size to help you find any troublemakers fast.

September 2015: Updates, security, migrating with minimal downtime, and duplicate site issues
This video tutorial covers the following topics:

  1. If a WordPress version update screws up your site, how do you troubleshoot?”
  2. I think I want to switch from iThemes Security Pro to WordFence. Is it as simple as deactivating/deleting iThemes Security and then installing/activating WordFence? iThemes Security is so intertwined in my site, I’m afraid if I just deactivate it, things will go wrong with my site.”
  3. Just wondering about the best process to migrate a website from test to replace old website — with minimal downtime. I suppose that you just replace the live website files with the new — and there will be a bit of time where it either needs an ‘under construction’ page for a few hours, or is just live while you go through and test any links, look for missing photos, etc.? What do you do?”
  4. Duplicate site info — I know that once moved over from test site to live site, the files should be deleted in the File Manager to avoid any duplicate content issues. But I have a site that I just did updates for a client, and we’ll be refreshing her web design in a few weeks — besides checking the box so Googlebots don’t crawl it — just have an under construction page up? Or a redirect, in case my test site with her website [content] gets found?”

August 2015: Security - How to deal with a malicious file alert
Get a scary notification from Wordfence telling you there’s a malicious file in your website files? No worries! Here’s what to do:

July 2015: Backup trouble - How to deal with a too-big backup that hangs
Got a humongous backup that hangs? Here are three things to check that could be going wrong:

  1. Check if a large amount of huge images or videos were added to the site
  2. Run a security scan with Wordfence and Sucuri to see if it got hacked
  3. It could also be that you’re including backups of the website in the backup, which is why it got inflated so quickly and drastically. I’ll show you two ways to check for them and how to exclude them from the backup


March 16, 2015: Security - How to change a website's table prefix
This video covers the different ways to change a website’s table prefix from (the very insecure default) wp_ to something secure:

  1. Backup Buddy plugin: The database restore step during the restore process allows for the renaming of your database table prefixes.
  2. iThemes Security plugin: It has a specific setting to rename your prefix from the default wp_ to something secure.
  3. Manual: I only briefly touch on this because it’s a pain in the butt and totally unnecessary given the aforementioned options, but good to know it exists!


Learn a lot more about keeping your website secure in Lesson 6: Security!

March 2, 2015: Various topics
This video covers the following topics:

  1. Subdomains: does a subdomain affect the domain in terms of speed, memory, and capacity? If a subdomain is hacked, is my domain at risk? (through 3min mark)
  2. Subdomains vs Add-On Domains & how to add an add-on domain (3min – 6:20min mark)
  3. Databases: how do you figure out which website is linked to which database? (6:21min – 10:10min mark)
  4. Backup restore: How do you restore a backup to replace an existing website? (10:11min – 12:29min mark)