Lesson 6: Security

In this video we will cover:

  1. WordPress security basics
  2. Wordfence plugin free & paid tour & setup
  3. iThemes Security free & paid plugin tour & setup
  4. Sucuri overview



Pssst… if you still have an “admin” user account on your website, check out the Bonuses page for a video tutorial on how to resolve that sitch in under 5 minutes!

Extra extra!

P.S. Was your website built with the 1-click WordPress install? Fret not! Learn the different ways to change a website’s table prefix from (the very insecure default) wp_ to something secure:

  1. Backup Buddy plugin: The database restore step during the restore process allows for the renaming of your database table prefixes.
  2. iThemes Security plugin: It has a specific setting to rename your prefix from the default wp_ to something secure.
  3. Manual: I only briefly touch on this because it’s a pain in the butt and totally unnecessary given the aforementioned options, but good to know it exists!