Lesson 2: Test Sites, cPanel, and subdomains

Learn how to navigate cPanel, tweak it for your convenience, and set up a subdomain for your test site, yo.


Confused about subdomains vs. add-on domains? Check this out:

Subdomains vs add-on domains:
Subdomains use existing main domains, as opposed to being their own domain names. For example, a domain is website-superhero.com, and a subdomain of that would be example.website-superhero.com.
They each have their own unique content. The domain can only contain one website and the subdomain can only contain one website. In other words, only 1 domain or subdomain per website, each with its own unique content.
Add-on domains are the domains that you bought and have added to your hosting account to make completely separate websites. The ones you have already are referencing folders in your public_html folder of your main domain. The add-on domain should already be registered (you should already have bought it, before you add it).¬†They’re called “Add-ons” because they are not the original domain you used to create the account.

Pro tip

Your subdomain not working?
Try this: create a zone file for it (you’d do this for each subdomain). From your cPanel, it’ll look something like this: Domains > DNS > create an A record > add the IP of your hosting account within the A record.