You got a gorgeous new website.

So... what's your plan of attack
against hackers, updates, glitches,
and the white screen of death?

LISTEN: As an entrepreneur,
your website IS your business!

You can’t afford to close that 24/7 storefront for one hot second (or entire day or week!) over a technical issue.

You know you need a WordPress website that...

  • Works flawlessly and won't break (no glitches that make you look like an amateur)

  • Keeps hackers out (people won't be redirected to skeezy porn sites!)

  • Will never disappear into the virtual ether (no having to start again from scratch)

  • You can update yourself easily (save $1,200+ per year)

But right now?
You don’t even know what you should be doing.

Updates? A test site? Migra-what? (You mean “migraine,” right?)

Oh, and maybe you broke your site too (you wanted to try that new plugin for pretty fonts, but didn't know how to do it the safe way ...and now you’re crying into a box of chocolate chip cookies).

You just need an expert to show you what to do so you can learn it and DIY your website maintenance like a superhero.

The DIY Website Maintenance Course is an online course you can do in an evening to take control of all your WordPress maintenance
-- from updates to migrations and security --
so you can do what you need, when you need it, and be done-zo.

You get to spend your money on a sunny long weekend getaway for two every year ...instead of paying a web developer like me to do your maintenance (plus, you’ll feel like a boss finally knowing how to use that damn “cPanel”).

Life before the DIYWM Course:

  • Erhm… you updated a plugin and your fuc*in’ site broke. (Again.)

  • You’re adding a fancy new opt-in box to entice more subscribers… but 3 hours later you still can’t get the code right (and meanwhile your site looks like crap)

  • You don't do your updates... and suddenly your website gets swallowed by the white screen of death. Expect to fork over hundreds of dollars (at least) to get it up and running again. (The worst thing is? You knew it could happen...)

Life after the DIYWM Course:

  • Nothing. Ever. Broken. Your site always works like a freakin’ charm.

  • Time for WordPress/theme/plugin updates? No worries, son! Cuz now you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

  • Switching to another host? Easy peasy! You’ll migrate your website over in under 30 mins. No need to fret or spend hundreds to pay someone else to do it for you.
MeeganAbsolutely, positively, over-the-moon with the DYI Website Maintenance Course!

Knowing the behind-the-scenes aspects of your website is crucial and this fun-loving course helped guide me out of overwhelm and into calm.

Nat's easy-going, tell-it-like-it-is nature made the content easy (and actually fun!) to follow.

I know these skills will benefit both my clients and myself. Thank you.

– Meegan Thomas, Designer & Owner of Citrus Owl Design,
Katie Before taking the course, I was terrified of cPanel, completely overwhelmed by the thought of "testing" anything on my site, and generally horrified that one false move would destroy months of work.

What I've learned in the course opens up a lot of new options for me and will let me experiment without destroying my current site.

Thanks to Nat (yay!) I have a great reference guide for maintaining and updating my website.

Now I don't need to be -- or hire -- an expert to make changes. It's great info that any entrepreneur should have at their fingertips.

– Katie Braja,
NikkiI hesitated buying this course because I was worried it would be a huge learning curve -- but it’s so easy to understand and follow. I went from feeling overwhelmed and fearful of “breaking” my website to feeling complete confidence and comfort.

Natalia (she is indeed a Website Superhero!) provided not only clear and easy video tutorials but great written instructions as well.

She saved me a bundle because I can do it myself, AND she removed the stress. This course is necessary!

– Nikki Lussier, Solopreneur
ErinIt's the shit! Where was this course when I was learning this stuff?

You made a borrrrrrrrrrrring topic fun and simple, and I love how it's broken into digestible chunks -- short enough to learn in an afternoon, in-depth enough to cover the most common problems.

I'll be recommending this course to clients and anyone who wants to take control of their website and back up and update their site with confidence!

– Erin E. Flynn, WordPress web designer/developer
  • Get the full course
  • 11 Q&A video tutorials
  • 30 days of email support
  • Help via Twitter after that!

Currently unavailable.

  • Get the full course
  • 11 Q&A video tutorials
  • 30 days of email support
  • Help via Twitter after that!
  • 1 60-minute Rescue Session on Skype for extra hand-holding

Currently unavailable.

Here’s what you’re gonna get with the DIYWM Course:

  • 9 step-by-step video lessons so you know exactly what to do, how, why, and when

  • 9 PDF guides and walkthroughs so you have extra help to refer to for every lesson!

  • 11 Q&A video tutorials answering all kinds of questions from students just like you who took the course during the first 15 months, where I show you how to do what's driving you crazy about anything we've covered, step by step on my screen

  • Email support from moi -- I'll be in your inbox helping you one-on-one if you need it for 30 days to make extra sure you don't get lost or stuck, chipmunk

  • Ongoing support for quick questions via Twitter after that -- just use the course hashtag!

  • A 60-min Rescue Session on Skype with yours truly, just the two of us, if you'd like some extra hand-holding or need strategy for your DIY endeavors (VIP package only)

Here’s everything that you’re gonna learn:

Pro Prep

  • How to prep your website

  • What you'll need to become your own WordPress Superhero

Test Sites

  • Why and how to use them (and what for) to save thousands of bucks

  • How to navigate cPanel and tweak it to save time

  • Creating a subdomain

WordPress Updates

  • How to do your updates and where so you don’t break your website

  • Plus pro tricks to help avert disaster


  • Basics and tricks to protect your site

  • How to keep your website safe from hackers and malware with these advanced tools


How to automate 'em up so they happen in your sleep and get sent to your online storage of choice, with full control over the process.

Backup Migration & Restore

  • How to use your file manager

  • Creating a database in MySQL

  • Bringing your backup back to life inside your test site

Clean up & Optimize

  • How to handle spam, old software and backups

  • Optimizing your database


How to make your website load faster and keep it light & speedy for higher visitor retention and conversion into customers (in other words, how to never repel potential customers because of a slow website again!)

Putting it All Together

How all these steps work together and how to apply them to your particular situation down the road

Each lesson includes detailed, step by step instructions in video & PDF formats (you'll be a pro in no time).

Plus, 11 Q&A video tutorials & email support for 30 days (and support via Twitter after that!) so you're 120% covered.

All jargon-free, easy to follow, and with some jokes thrown in -- so you actually DO IT!

Erin I definitely recommend this course to self-learners like me who care a lot about having good practice and care about security. Even if you're not a newbie, this course is great because it helps you create a process on how to secure websites.

It was short, clear, straight to the point but still covers everything I wanted to know. Now I have a step by step process and don't need to go back to documentation or Google things.

I've been waiting to find a course like this for a while! I needed shortcuts to get the right answers and this course was all about that!

- Chrys, website design for talented women,
NicoleLee It has paid for itself a few times over already.

I feel so much more confident and can be more creative now without fear of breaking my site.

I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to take care of their own website. Natalia teaches you everything you need to know in a fun, completely non-boring way.

The lessons are short enough that you don't start daydreaming, but informative enough to teach you what you need to know.

Seriously, thank you for this course! I am so glad I took it. You're awesome!

– Nicole Lee,
Necole The course was super user-friendly. Very easy to follow.

Now I know how to do things myself and am saving money doing it!

It is a great course and if you own a website, it's important to have a general understanding of how things work. For sure I recommend this course!

- Necole Stephens,
  • Get the full course
  • 11 Q&A video tutorials
  • 30 days of email support
  • Help via Twitter after that!

Currently unavailable.

  • Get the full course
  • 11 Q&A video tutorials
  • 30 days of email support
  • Help via Twitter after that!
  • 1 60-minute Rescue Session on Skype for extra hand-holding

Currently unavailable.

This is for you if you:

  • Need to know how to make test site to build your website or redesign it behind the scenes

  • Want to save $1,200+ every year by doing your own website updates

  • Are a designer and want to add website maintenance to your skill set for a new income stream

  • Are willing to buy a Backup Buddy license (to slash the backup & migration process from as many as 20+ hours to 30 minutes!)

  • Will follow step by step instructions to the letter. Make sure you're watching the videos slowly and being careful because you can delete your whole freakin' site by clicking the wrong button. (Although if you do, you'll have a backup to save you! BAM.)

This is not for you if you:

  • Would rather hire a pro than touch a test site with a 10-foot pole

  • Are already a website maintenance superhero

Who am I and why should you listen to ME, world-changer?


Hi, I'm Nat(alia), a.k.a. Website Superhero, and I've been designing & developing WordPress websites for world-changing women entrepreneurs and activists since 2012.

Having created and worked on (many) dozens of websites, I've learned some seriously excellent tips and tricks about keeping your website working FOR you that I share with you in this very course.

Plus, as a former journalist and liberal arts student (Literature & Gender Studies, woo!), I've got the gift of communicating complex ideas to you in a simple and easy to understand way so that -- no matter how much of a newbie you are at this stuff -- I've got you covered, sister.

Amelie Taking this course has allowed me to build a brand new website without having to rely on outsourcing. I could make sure I was doing things right!

Plus, I was quick to get started and finished. Did everything in half a day!

– Amelie - Transformational Healer & Health Intuitive,
Jenny I didn't really have any hesitations at all buying this course. I offer this as a service. I had seen Nat really knows her stuff, and I knew she'd be just the person to help me fill in any knowledge gaps.

I liked the videos best -- really clear but heck they've got personality! I am SOOOOO done with You Yube how-tos by people who sound like they need a hefty dose of Prozac.

Now I feel more confident! I love that I can keep access to the course for good -- it's like having a superhero in my pocket, that I can refer to anytime.

– Jenny "Webtech Wonder Woman" Jameson,
Jemma The course was very simple to understand and would definitely benefit anyone that works with Wordpress websites. The additional email support was a nice bonus too!

It's great to be able to take advice from someone that knows what they are talking about! Now I'm confident with what I'm doing and I love that I can refer back to the materials.

- Jem, Owner at Your Virtual Asset,

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to be my own WordPress Superhero?

Grrreat question. You’ll need a few things. Here they are:

  1. You need a WordPress website that’s in good shape — no malware, that can back up properly, etc. (This course is for you if your website is in good shape so that you can keep it that way and avert website catastrophes). Not sure if your site fits the bill? Email me and we’ll figure it out together.
  2. You need a Backup Buddy license that you can buy here. (If you’ve hired me to build you a custom website, you already have it!)
  3. You need a hosting account that gives you access to cPanel. If you’re not sure you have that, call your hosting company to find out (and if you don’t have access, it’s absolutely worth the upgrade so that you have it). Ideally, you’ll be using a great hosting provider like Liquid Web or Siteground so things will go smoother and faster (as opposed to the dreaded GoDaddy, Hostgator, Dreamhost, which will most likely cause problems with speed and other issues…)
  4. You need the ability to follow instructions to the letter. Make sure you’re watching the videos slowly and being careful because you can delete your whole freakin’ site by clicking the wrong button. (But if you do and you already have backups running, you can just restore a backup! *Applause*)

Why will we be using Backup Buddy?

I’m going to teach you how to back up and migrate your site with this tool because without it, the process can literally take over 24 hours (and with it, it tends to take way under 30 min). Super simple and a glorious time saver.

What does the content delivery look like?

The DIY Website Maintenance Course consists of 9 video lessons + 9 PDF guides and walkthroughs (so you have extra help to refer to for every lesson!) all of which you’ll access via the course website.

You also have access to my brain via email for 30 days (I do my best to get back to you within 48 business hours, often within the same day!). And I’m available via Twitter after that — just use the course hashtag!

PLUS you’ll immediately get access to 11 Q&A tutorials answering all kinds of questions from students who took the course during the first 15 months, where I show you how to do what’s driving you crazy about anything we’ve covered, step by step on my screen.

Do I get access to all the content at once?

Yeppers! The course + the 11 Q&A video tutorials. Can I get a high five? (*High five*)

What if I want a refund?

If you felt misled by this sales page, I’m happy to give you a full refund if you let me know within 15 days of getting access to the course.

If you just think I can improve on the course, well, sweet, cuz I always ask for anonymous feedback to continue making it better. And you’ll have lifetime access, including to any new materials I may add to the course.

Are there payment plans?

Not officially, but if you need ’em, inquire within! (Read: email me, lovelyface!)

AdamThere's tons of info out there on how to do website stuff, but as a complete newb I like how the course has a direct focus and doesn’t fuck around with 9,000 things I don't care about.

Plus, the videos are a great reference to have and extremely comprehensive. It's just a great course with no BS.

– Adam Bailey
ChrissyI've always been a DIY girl and I know the answers are out there if I look long enough. I ultimately decided to buy it because I wanted to save time searching for answers.

I now have increased productivity and confidence. It's easy to understand and thorough!

– Chrissy Das
The course is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

It provided me with invaluable insights about safely managing updates, creating backups, and restoring everything in case -- horror of horrors -- your site goes down.

I've been studying all things web design for a while now but this filled some gaps in my knowledge.

– Zoe Watson